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Aacharya Vijay Verma

Astrologer, Counsellor, Social Worker and Healer

Aacharya Vijay Verma was involved in journalism from 1999 to till now . Due to unfavourable circumstances, I also thought to show my horoscope to a renowned astrologer just like other people. Then, I came to know about Late Mr. Sareen, who was a famous astrolger and resident of Chowk, Lucknow. I met him and he gave me much knowledge about ‘Shanidev’. He asked me to join him Read more...


How Astrology can change your life ?

Astrology is a complex and diverse field that holds significance for many individuals. While its validity and scientific basis are debated, here are some points that highlight why astrology is considered important by those who follow it:


Relationship Dynamics

Life Guidance

Timing and Planning

Spiritual Connection

Cultural and Historical Significance


Why we need Astrologer ?

Here are some points highlighting why individuals may feel the need for astrologers:

Interpretation and Expertise

Personalized Guidance

Objective Perspective

Validation and Assurance

Timing and Forecasting

Spiritual Guidance

Alternative Perspectives

Emotional Support




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